Our Product

Cacao of the highest quality


Cacao Producers VRAE is cultivated in natural environment with microclimates between 400-650 m.a.s.i. and with an average precipitation of 2200 mm / year. 

The quality of the processed cocoa results from several factors, the most outstanding being the genetic diversity, the agronomic management of the plantations under agroforestry systems that give it aroma, a special flavor that makes it highly preferred by the fine chocolates industries of the world. 
Another very important factor is the environmental and social responsibility assumed by the organization with the associated producers, at all stages of production. 

We manage a system of traceability of the organic cocoa bean, which allows us to guarantee the customer the quality of our product, ensuring the supply chain of fine and sustainable cocoa.
Our cocoa has received the Organic and Fair trade certification.